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Duration: 14 Days | 13 Nights

With a motorhome, you can enjoy the freedom of the road and choose any direction to head to during your next motorhome holiday trip!

Sweden is a country of remarkable phenomena of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights. Choose Sweden as your next motorhome holiday destination and spot one of these natural phenomena. Roam in one of the greenest countries in the world, where 2/3 of its territory is filled with forests with a chance to spot the national pride animal, moose. Take a moment to enjoy a coffee break or “fika” with a traditional cinnamon bun in one of the local café, enjoy classic Swedish meatballs and delicious seafood in a local restaurant, whilst listening to Abba songs. Visit the birthplace of an infamous Ikea, H&M, and Volvo trademarks or explore Stockholm’s underground artsy metro stations!

According to the Everyman’s Rights or “Allemansrätten”, which is valid in all Nordic countries, you are allowed to camp in the wild with a motorhome without prior permission. In addition to off-road camping, you can pick fresh forest superfoods such as berries and mushrooms, enjoy the purest natural water from numerous springs, go fishing and swimming in one of Sweden’s 96 000 lakes or just enjoy family holiday activities in one of Sweden’s 30 national parks.
The Land of Vikings is waiting for your visit, so pack belongings and head to the long awaiting motorhome holiday! Have a look at our road trip suggestions and pick the best spots for your motorhome journey through this iconic country.

DAY 1: Arriving at our Stockholm rental station. Upon your arrival at Arlanda Airport (ARN), our customer service representative will greet you and provide a transfer directly to our rental station. At the rental station, our professional personnel will provide personal orientation with a motorhome. After the familiarisation process, you will be ready to start an unforgettable motorhome holiday in Sweden!

City of Uppsala
If you have already seen Stockholm, we suggest heading 45 kilometers North from Stockholm to Uppsala. Uppsala is a university city, famous for its historical atmosphere. The history can be seen all around the city, in its fabulous architecture and museums that reveal amazing stories from the old times. One of the great scientists of the 19th century, Carl Linneaus, received his education in these surroundings. He became famous for devising the modern classification system for plants and animals. Linneaus spent his early years studying medicine at the University of Lund and botany at Uppsala. His house and botanical garden can be visited in Hammarby, Uppsala.

Even more exciting place especially for children is Pelle Svanslös Hus which is a theme park-house that is famous for the cat with no tail. Pelle Svanslös is a sympathetic cat, who is bullied due to his loss of the tail. This story from 1939 illustrates the importance of tolerance and friendships.

DAY 2: Step back in time Your next destination is a town, Västerås located in a 1-hour journey from Uppsala. In Västerås, you can have an opportunity to step back in time by visiting a traditional Sweden’s open-air museum – Vallby. Here, you will see traditional old houses, where local people lived, meet, and pet farm animals, and see crops that were cultivated in the old times.

For a great city panorama head to Djäkneberget – a city public park. Afterwards, take a stroll in the town in search of a place to have an early lunch before hitting the road again.
Fika time in Arboga

To get an authentic feeling of Scandinavia we suggest visiting a prosperous old town of Arboga lying on the old iron route between the Bergslagen and Stockholm ports. Sweden´s oldest canal is located here with its nine manually operated locks. Arboga is an idyllic small town with a beautiful marina area with a lovely local cafe where you can taste famous Swedish pastries and learn the culture of "fika".

Salmon fishing in Svartå
Only a short 40-minute drive from Arboga is another beautiful town, Örebro. This town is great for outdoor activities! Take a walk along the Svartån river and visit an Örebro Castle. We recommend parking a motorhome nearby the Hjälmaren – the fourth-largest lake in Sweden. Here, you can set up a BBQ set to grill dinner for the evening and meet a sunset in the company of your loved ones before the next day.

DAY 3: The sunniest town in Sweden. Wake up refreshed and enjoy a Scandinavian breakfast in your beautiful rental motorhome. When you are ready to continue, hit the road and travel 115 km from Örebro to the sunniest town in Sweden, Karlstad. Here, make sure you visit the longest stone arch bridge in Sweden, Gamla Stenbron, underneath which flows the longest river in Sweden, Klarälven!

Eye to eye with a king of the Nordic forest
If you are travelling with a kid, we recommend you pay a visit to an amazing place called “Värmlands Moose Park”. The Värmlands Moose Park is in a 1.5-hour ride from Karlstad. The park offers an educational tour, where your kids can learn more information about these forest creatures, pet and feed them.

Lake Vänem
Your journey continues for another 2.5 hours to the direction of a harbour town, Åmål. Here, you can find a camping place and spend a relaxing evening.

If you are a blues lover, make sure to check in advance the schedule of an annual blues festival “Åmåls Blues Fest” that has been taking place in Åmål since 1992.

DAY 4: West coast. It’s time to change the scenery and drive the rental motorhome to the west coast, where the landscapes of the shores by the Northern Sea are very different and rough compared to the ones on the east coast by the Baltic Sea. If you are ready for some Scandinavian history, make a quick stop at the town called Tanum. In Tanum, you can visit spectacular “Rock Carvings” that was declared to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to their high concentration. Your next stop will be a small fishing village, Fjällbacka located in a 20-minute ride from Tanum. A prominent Swedish actress, Ingrid Bergman spent her summers here. Today Fjällbacka is all about good food in a stunning authentic Scandinavian setting. Scandinavian countries, especially Sweden, are known for their fish dishes. Try some of these specialties such as marinated salmon with dill potatoes or chives and sour cream. One of the must-try dishes is called Toast Skagen which is widely available in almost every restaurant in Sweden. This delicious dish includes sautéed bread along with prawns, whitefish roe, dijon mustard, mayonnaise, and fresh dill. The high point of this area is called Vetteberget and it offers magnificent views over the archipelago. This is also the setting for Astrid Lindgren's famous children's story Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter.

Family-friendly activities
Other family-friendly attractions nearby include Nordens Ark, a nature park, and a zoo that cater specifically to endangered species. It is particularly enjoyable for families, as there are special children's activities all around the park. After a full day of amazing sceneries, exciting local stories, and exotic animals it´s time to park the rental motorhome for the night and spend an evening by the campfire. Along the western coastline, there are several good camping places to choose from.

DAY 5: The Gullmarn fjord. Start your morning with a nutritious breakfast and continue your journey to Lusekil, which is located in 1-hour from Fjällbacka. Spectacular views are opening from the town over Gullmarn fjord. The town's past is still visible in its beautiful Scandinavian architecture and traditions, like fishing and swimming. Just stroll along the post-card-like streets or visit a local aquarium, “Havets Hus”, which is dedicated to the marine and plant life found on the Bohuslän Coast.
Not too far away, in 1-hour ride from Lysekil lies the town, Uddevalla which is locally famous for its shipbuilding, and houses a history of seafaring in Sweden’s seamen’s shipping office museum, Sveriges Sjömanshusmuseum. We recommend taking a traditional lunch at any seafood restaurant of your choice before continuing your journey to the second-largest cities in Sweden.

In 1-hour ride from Uddevalla, you will reach one of the best-recognized cities in Sweden, Gothenburg. This maritime metropolis has for centuries been one of Sweden's gateways to the outside world, as it can be seen when walking along the Göta river. Go on a promenade along the river, visit a charming district “Haaga” with colourful brick buildings and cobblestone streets, stroll take a stroll along the Avenue parade street with a possibility to buy souvenirs or design products back home. In Gothenburg, you will find a wide range of activities that you can do either with your partner or with your kids. We recommend visiting the following places: a science museum “Universeum”, a theme park “Liseberg”, an aviation museum “Aeroseum”, a Volvo museum and a park “Slottsskogen”. If you are passionate about movie production, then do not miss an opportunity to visit the largest film event in the whole of Scandinavia, the Gothenburg Film Festival. The annual film festival has been taking place since 1979 and it is worth visiting on your next motorhome holiday adventure in Sweden!

DAY 6: Early morning swim in Varberg. A great place for resting from a busy pace of city life is the town of Varberg located in a 1-hour journey from Gothenburg. Varberg is known for its wide and diverse coastal line with sandy beaches and rocky terrain. Take a moment for yourself, organise a picnic on a warm sandy beach, sunbathe and swim to be refreshed after a morning ride. In the afternoon you can visit a Varberg Fortress that was used as a fortification in early years that later transformed into a “Halland Museum of Cultural History” that you can visit to learn more about its history.

A road trip along the west coast
If you are interested to learn more about the history of Sweden, then we recommend heading to Halmstad located in 1-hour ride from Varberg. Halmstad was the largest town on the west coast in the Middle Ages that was under Danish control up to the 17th century. Here, you can still see the remains of Danish influence on its architecture. We advise you to stroll along the Nissan river for picturesque views, visit Halmstad Castle, have a cup of coffee with traditional Swedish pastries in a town square, and visit an open-air museum Hallandsgården. In the evening, you can park a campervan and organise a picnic in Sandhamn Halmstad to meet sunset and play golf in Halmstad Golf Club.

DAY 7: When old meets new. Set your navigator to the third-largest city in Sweden, Malmö located in a 1.5-hour journey from Halmstad. Malmö was one of Denmark’s biggest cities throughout centuries until the 16th century. Here, you will see the compilation of old and new architectural styles. We recommend the following activities that will help you learn about Malmö’s past: visit a Malmö castle, walk on cobblestone streets in Stortorget, Lilla Torg, and Gamla Väster, stroll along the river in Kungsparken. You might want to consider spending a peaceful evening in the surroundings of Malmö before searching for adventures in Copenhagen the next day! To find a camping place to rest and play some outdoor games with your loved one or your kids, we recommend an informative website park4night that shows nearby camping spots depending on the selected location!

Annual festivals
If you want to get a deeper understanding of Swedish culture, we recommend attending several cultural events that annually take place in Malmö. These events include the Malmö Festival or “Malmöfestivalen” - the biggest music festival held in Malmö, Malmö Gallery Night - an annual art festival, and, of course, the Crayfish Party – A nordic tradition that was originated in Sweden that includes a celebration of drinking and eating crayfish at the end of summer.
DAY 8: The Öresund Bridge. For a day trip, we recommend heading to Copenhagen through the infamous Öresund Bridge that connects not only Sweden to Denmark but the entire Scandinavian Peninsula to the rest of Europe. The Öresund Bridge is 8 km long and it is the longest road and rail bridge combined in entire Europe!

Do not miss an opportunity to visit the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen located only in 1-hour journey from Malmö. The Öresund Bridge offers a great connection between these two countries, so it would be a pity to miss the chance of spending one day exploring colourful and pleasant Copenhagen. For a one-day trip to Copenhagen, we recommend either staying in the city centre and exploring post-card like picturesque Nyhavn harbour, Tivoli Gardens – the third oldest operating amusement park in the world, Rosenborg Castle and an old fortification “Kastellet”. For a romantic getaway from busy city life, we recommend heading to the Camp Adventure Treetop Experience – a climbing activity with an observation deck over the beautiful nature of Denmark, Kronborg Castle – known as Hamlet’s castle and Frederiksborg Castle. These destinations are located within a 1–2-hour drive from Copenhagen, so make sure you wake up to make the best of your day! To end your day with we recommend having a traditional Danish meatloaf wrapped in bacon, Forloren hare before heading back to Malmö over the Öresund Bridge.

DAY 9: Exploring the Skåne's coastal hidden gems. Skanör and Falsterbo are two medieval towns at the far end of Skåne’s south-western cape are idyllic seaside resorts located within a 30-minute ride from Malmö. Stop by these towns to play some golf on mint golf fields and take some refreshments in this charming hidden gem before continuing your road trip.

Your next stop is Trelleborg located in a 30-minute ride from Skänor and Falsterbo. Trelleborg is a birthplace of a remarkable Viking ring fortress from the Viking Age. So, make sure to stop by and visit this marvelous sightseeing.

Panoramic road trip along the southern coast
What could be better than driving along the southern coast of Sweden with opening panoramic views over the Baltic Sea? Set your navigator to Ystad located in 1-hour ride from Trelleborg. Ystad is a charming and cozy coastal town where you can stroll along the cobblestone streets of the town center and enjoy the tranquillity of this place. Skåne county charms with its countryside sceneries, gardens, and castles. This is the most fertile land in Sweden and home to many idyllic fishing villages which are dotted like pearls on a string along the coastline. The entire region has become a haven for painters and writers. The panoramic views invite tourists and locals to do a wide range of sports activities here, from swimming to playing golf and tennis.

DAY 10: Salmon fishing in Mörrum. When you continue your rental motorhome adventure on the shores of the Baltic Sea, you can see how the vegetation and atmosphere change on the way.
Your first stop along the south-eastern coastal trip is Mörrum located in a 2-hour drive from Ystad. In Mörrum you will find The Salmon house “Laxens Hus”, which presents information regarding salmon life and fishing. You can try your luck to catch some salmon on your fishing rod in the Mörrum river!

Sweden's baroque town
Your next stop along the road trip is the town Karlskrona located in 1-hour ride from Mörrum. Karlskrona was founded in the 17th century and became a naval base. It is a UNESCO World Heritage, where tourists can walk around the impressive fortification buildings, magnificent churches, and grand squares. So, make sure you make a stop and visit a Naval Museum in this significant town before hitting the road once again.

Kalmar strait
Set your navigator to Kalmar located in 1.5-hour ride from Karlskrona. Kalmar was one of the most significant towns in Sweden from the 13th to the 17th century and it is one of the oldest towns in Sweden. Stretch your legs by visiting a Kalmar Castle that overviews the Kalmar strait. You can also visit Öland – the second largest island in Sweden for some outdoor activities before continuing your day.

Feel like in a Jurassic Park
For an unforgettable ending to your day head to a dino-themed park “A World of Dinosaurs” located just a 10-minute ride from Kalmar. The park is a great place to learn more about dinosaurs and just to spend a great evening with your kids before returning back to a motorhome for grilling some meat and vegetables in a peaceful atmosphere of the nature surroundings. Your kids might even dream of dinosaurs, who knows!

DAY 11: Fun day with a family in Astrid Lindgren's World. Enjoy a relaxing morning with a breeze from the Baltic Sea. In a motorhome, you can use kitchen burners and kitchen utensils to make fresh pancakes with berries found in a nearby forest. After eating a nutritious breakfast, you will be heading to Astrid Lindgren’s hometown, Vimmerby located in a 2-hour ride from Kalmar.

In Vimmerby you and your children will have a chance to dive into Astrid Lindgren's World and meet some of the popular Lindgren’s characters in person! Make sure you charge your phone and camera batteries to capture your kids next to the Pippi

Longstocking and Emil of Lönneberga.
To end your day, we recommend staying a night at the nearby camping site. You might have purchased a few souvenirs from the earlier visited attraction, so read a book aloud to your kids, for them to fall asleep and dream about future adventures!
Interesting fact: Astrid Lindgren is the fourth most-translated children’s author, whose works were translated into 95 different languages! The most famous characters of her literature are Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lönneberga, Karlsson-on-the-Roof, and Madicken.

DAY 12: Get close to nature. Start your day with a beautiful hiking trip to Norra Kvills National Park located in a 30-minute ride from Vimmerby. Here, you have a chance to hike in the untouched forest and get close to nature and inhale pure fresh morning air and discover Sweden’s oldest and largest tree, Rumskulla oak which is at least 1,000 years old!

Lunch in Norrköping
After a relaxing morning hike, set your navigator to Norrköping, located in a 2-hour ride from the Norra Kvills national park. Norrköping was Sweden’s hub of the textile industry in the 19th – 20th centuries and is an industrial town these days. In Norrköping you can take a walk along the Motala ström and find a local cafe in the Old Town to have an early lunch before continuing your trip to a Kolmården Zoo located in a 30-minute ride from Norrköping.

Kolmården Zoo
The Kolmården Zoo is an attractively landscaped zoo, with a drive-through Safari Park. The park brings visitors close to the creatures of the savannah who live here, alongside Nordic species, such as brown bears and wolves. There is also a dolphinarium, an outdoor tropicarium and aparium. So an exciting day for the entire family is guaranteed!
After an exciting day, you can search for a nearby camping site and relax with your loved ones in the surroundings of nature.

DAY 13: Heading towards Stockholm. The closer to the capital area you drive your rental motorhome, the more populated the landscape becomes. On the way to the Stockholm area, industrial villages with picturesque old wooden houses, cafes, and shops invite you for a stroll and “fika”. To avoid driving into the huge city area of Stockholm, we recommend heading to Strängnäs located in a 2-hour ride from the Kolmården Zoo. Then you can cross Lake Mälaren and head towards Enköping located in a 30-minute ride from Strängnäs.

Stop by Sweden's first town
One of the great ways to spend your last day is to visit the historic town of Sigtuna, located in a 1-hour ride from Enköping. It is relatively easy to miss a small, charming harbour town – Sigtuna, located on the shore of Lake Mälaren between Stockholm and Uppsala. Sigtuna is the oldest Sweden’s town founded in the 10th century that played a significant role in Swedish culture. We advise you to stop by this medieval town and take a promenade in the “Stora Gatan” – the main city street, where you can stop by in a cafe and order a traditional Swedish unbaked pastry “Chokladboll” with a cup of coffee.
Find a camping site nearby the shores of Lake Mälaren and spend your last day playing outdoor games in the woods with your loved ones before finishing your motorhome holiday in Sweden.

DAY 14: A memorable experience of a motorhome holiday
This is your last day of a motorhome holiday in Sweden. Set your navigator to our Stockholm rental station located in a 15-minute ride from Sigtuna.

Upon your arrival at the rental station, our company representative will greet you at the scheduled drop-off time. We will check a vehicle’s condition and after finalising your rental, we will provide you with a VIP transfer directly to the Arlanda Airport (ARN), from which you will take a flight back home.

During your flight, you might be going through the earlier taken pictures of your motorhome holiday in Sweden and start dreaming of your next motorhome holiday adventure with us!

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