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About Pack Ya Bags Travel


Pack Ya Bags is a boutique travel wholesale company based in Australia and New Zealand, supplying product and services to retail travel agents, individuals, group organisers, associations, sports and adventure clubs and educational establishments. Pack Ya Bags offers travel and tours to anywhere in the world. The company is very well known, trusted and highly regarded in the international marketplace. The company was started in 1974. Pack Ya Bags Australia launched in June 2019 as part of the Pack Ya Bags wholesale travel group. 


Our focus is not scale and volume but rather quality of tours and value for money. We have an extensive and varied range of contacts, suppliers, and products world-wide. With direct access to popular, unique, unusual and hard to get products and services from around the world, we can customise most tours, especially for groups or special interest.  


Why book with us? 

 > You will be able to talk with a real person and can expect to deal with a person for all bookings

 > We will look after you through the whole booking process and until you complete the tour

 > We will listen to you and give you the tour you really want. 

 > Free advice throughout. 


Meet The Team


David Chandraraj

David has travelled in the last 20 years for work and pleasure to many countries and is looking forward to building customer centric products and services in the travel industry, as a wholesaler. David has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New South Wales and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. He brings over 20 years of corporate experience in customer focused sales, service and marketing functions, either as an advisor to senior executives or delivering successful business change himself in complex environments. David hopes to combine his passion for travel, professional relationships and management experience to continue to build the Pack Ya Bags wholesale brand and its relationships based business model that has been so successful in the last 30+ years.
Contact Info
Phone : +61 433 970 025
Email : david@packyabags.com


Ray Aucott



Ray Aucott entered the Travel and Tourism industry by locating dive sites in the Mediterranean for travel companies in the early 1970’s. The origins of the company began in 1974 in ernest

Having completed a Management training course with the Rank Organisation he then studied Drama and pursued a successful acting career in England for more than 10 years at the same time running his own diving travel company.

With the pull of the Great Barrier Reef, Ray emigrated to Australia in 1980 with his young family where he continues growing the company he including promoting the Great Barrier Reef to divers from the northern hemisphere.

Over the years Ray’s knowledge has increased to cover many reasons why people travel through their interest. He has a huge contact base throughout the world with not only product and service but many varied personnel. Ray is very well respected throughout the world for his knowledge of the industry

He still has a personal passion for diving and all types of adventure travel. Ray remains one of the foremost authorities on diving and adventure in the Asia Pacific region.
Contact Info
Phone : +64 9 372 2506

Email: ray@packyabags.com


Penny Henderson

Penny Henderson has been in the travel and tourism industry for more than 25 years and is well known throughout Asia, the Pacific, and many other countries throughout the world.Penny is past president of NZITT (New Zealand Institute of Travel and Tourism), She has many worldwide contacts. Penny has written curriculum for the travel industry and won an International PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) award for the heritage and interpretive tourism course which is now taught throughout Australia. Penny has attended trade and consumer shows throughout the world and is considered to be one of the top marketers in the industry. She held the position as Regional Director for the Fiji Visitors Bureau. Her experience ensures the running of this company is in good hands and you can rest assured that the professionalism in running our travel and tourism businesses are in very good hands.
Contact Info
Phone : +64 2 161 6900
Email : penny@packyabags.com

Kristine Diabordo
Pricing Analyst

Kristine transforms all the pricing and converts from costings throughout the world into whatever currency and style we need. Attention to detail has to be perfect. And it is. This is a huge task that is ongoing throughout the year.

Kristine has an Information Technology major, and holds a BA in IT. She has 6 combined years of experience in the finance and technology arenas as an IT auditor.

Kristine completed her Cisco Certified Network Associate course certification in Cisco Networking Academy which acquired her competencies that include models to explain the layers of communications in data networks and designing and calculating network masks and addresses. she also is a Certified SAP Business One and SAP Business Advance User.

She works in social media making sure Pack Ya Bags is out there and is passionate about being part of the PYBs team.
Contact Info
Phone : +61 433 970 025
Email : kristine@packyabags.com


Herl Loreto
Web Developer

She is an IT professional who creates and promotes digital content at Pack Ya Bags Travel website and social media platforms. She has achieved success with well-established companies in the Philippines such as AMS Group of Companies and Pepper Network Inc. After spending more than 6 years in the IT industry with various enterprises, she understands what drives businesses and how to spread brand awareness efficiently for optimum product promotion. She utilizes SEO tools to rank high in search engine indexing and performs various campaigns to generate organic traffic back to your site. Herl holds a Bachelor’s Degree in IT from University of the Immaculate Conception. She has several business management certifications including SAP Business One certification and SAP Business One Advance certification.
Contact Info
Phone : +61 433 970 025
Email : herlee@packyabags.com